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The Cherry Orchard
10 ноября 2019

The Cherry Orchard

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150 грн

Львовский театр кукол
г. Львов, пл. Данила Галицкого, 1

О событии

The Cherry Orchard is a visual feast for your soul. It exudes a sense of spring and entices the audiences with vivid stage design, which immerses them into Taras Shevchenko’s universe. The energy of poetry fills the performance with a profound meaning understandable to everyone. You will be surprised by sand animation that blends in with original background music to a stunning effect. This play will be a perfect choice for everyone who appreciates unexpected interpretations of Shevchenko’s legacy.

Director: Serhiy Bryzhan, Honoured Arts Professional

Decorator: Inessa Kulchytska

Composer: Ostap Pantchyshyn

Based on poems of Taras Shevchenko

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