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30 September 2019


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350-1950 грн

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet
Lviv, Svobody Ave, 28

About the show


Peter Bence, an internationally acclaimed virtuoso pianist, recording artist, composer, and producer who holds the Guinness World Record for being the “Fastest Piano Player”. He has taken the Internet by storm with his piano arrangements of Michael Jackson, Queen, and Sia collecting over 500 million video hits and a huge following on YouTube and Facebook over the past 2 years. 

He has achieved sensational success with his edgy, percussive and expressive playing style that has broken down boundaries between classical and popular music. He takes the piano to a whole new level, which inspires both younger and older generations of musicians and music lovers from everywhere around the world. His live performances are attracting thousands around the world. In the recent two years, he has toured in more than 40 countries on 4 continents and opened 2017’s BBC Proms In The Park in Hyde Park, London for 50,000 people. 

Peter Bence started playing the piano at the age of 2, he was 7 when he wrote his first composition and 11 for his first album, influenced by Mozart and Chopin. After classical education at the Ferenc Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary, the musician moved to the United States where he graduated from piano and composing film music at the prestigious Berkeley Music College in Boston.

From a young age he is also engaging in rock and pop music, and especially inspiration for him is Michael Jackson's work. All that craziness – the concerts and constant touring – began with the Bad video," Bence says from his home in Budapest.

He also likes great cinema music. Fortunately, while studying at Berkeley Music College in Boston, he meets John Williams, one of his idols in the world of music and the author of the Star Wars soundtrack! This encourages him to make improvisations of famous pieces, and in 2015 he releases his first video online, making him a real sensation.

Today Peter Bence is undoubtedly the fastest pianist in the world, he hit 765 piano keys in one minute, earning him a Guinness world record that still stands.

His performances are frenetic: "When I perform, I give it my full power."

Visually – as well as musically – it's exciting. He doesn't just play the keyboard, Bence uses the entire furniture of the piano (including plucking or holding the strings) to make music.

"In concert I use the grand piano's body parts to make different sounds, even using a loop station to build up a song, layer by layer.

"Sometimes it sounds like an entire orchestra playing.

 The technique and the speed of performance are really stunning, and the Israeli  audience will be able to see all that on November 26 in Tel-Aviv and  0n 27th in the Auditorium Hall.

"I was classically trained, but I don't play classical music at my concerts. I know there are many, many classical pianists who play way better than me.

 I play 'covers' (his own arrangements of hits such as Queen's Don't Stop Me Now or Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles – filmed with a baby grand on the back of a Mediterranean yacht) or my own original compositions.